You know the old saying you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone”?

dilly 3



My Faithful Companion project bag, the simple Dilly  Bag, is no more so I am remaking her in some of the same yarns but this time I’m adding Noro Kureyon. She was made in pure hand wash only wool and fulled (felted in the washing machine). This made her sturdy and hardwearing and stretchy when needed. Oh so stretchy!

She had given me over  15 years of continuous use. I’ve been making do with other bags since and every time  I put them down they fall over,  and then the  yarn falls out all over the floor. This never happened before with my  Dilly bag. Everything fitted in as well, and when you went somewhere she  sat there looking lovely and stayed put. She was so pretty you had to smile just looking at her colours. I think the narrow neck held things in place and my Yazzii hook holder & Yazzii utility holder never fell out.

I actually have fitted 3 full 10xball packs each in there so that my  husband would not see what I had bought. Was that wrong?

This time she will have a purple base, so that if the floor is dirty you won’t see it and using  the Noro means that the colours will be even more exotic. I cant wait to see her finished and put her to use. I just hadn’t realised that she  had been so perfect and so functional.

Felted Dilly Bag – Jenny King Designs