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Felted Dilly Bag


The best ever crochet project bag ever! BAR NONE! Ask me how I know?

I have used this Dilly Bag for every trip I have ever taken. It has been to USA more times than I can say, and if you have been in class with me, anywhere in the world, you will have seen it sitting there holding my supplies.

It is super huge when crocheted. It is then thrown into a hot wash to shrink the pure wool. 

 You can leave it on the floor beside you when you crochet and the narrower neck in the bag ensures that balls will stay put and not spill out.

It will hold 30 balls of yarn if needed. 


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Use 4 of your favourite colours of hand wash only 8 ply wool in and whip up one of these bags.

To test if your yarn will felt when washed grab 1 metre,  dip it in warm soapy water and roll, and roll, and roll it in your hands until it forms a ball. (like a wooly bead that can’t be unraveled) If this doesn’t happen it won’t felt.

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