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Who thinks that crocheting a Waratah is a good idea?

After seeing a couple of crocheted flower books being promoted on the web I realised that there are probably many of you who don’t know that I dedicated myself to crocheting botanically correct flowers 20 years ago including some amazingly beautiful Australian natives, published in 2003.waratah and the book

After 25 attempts to get it right and the lounge room covered in bits of red and maroon wool crocheted into spikes, the Waratah was born,  the Gum nut took 7 attempts, and the pansy took 2 years of attempts to get it looking like the  pansies that actually grew in my garden. With 3  gardening reference books later and I had self published a flower book. Published with both British and  USA terms, international symbols all hand drawn initially.

Crocheted flowers can be put on anything.

My friend Geraldine puts a fuchsia on the corners of her shawls to decorate them and they certainly get some attention.

 WARNING these are addictive!

Authentic native Australian  flowers to crochet. They  can be made to scale or made to order.

Or make  some gardener’s favourites like  Fuchsia , Daisy, Gerbera or a Pansy.

Or what about a  Daffodil?

You will want to make them all.

Fuchsia 1

Craft and decorating mag
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Tartan Blankets Never Die

While tiding up my office I found and old Craft magazine. I was drawn to it because of the bold colours and the flowers on the cover and then I got the giggles. That wasn’t all that was on the cover. On the left hand side was my Crocheted Tartan Rug. I had completely forgotten about it as it was published 20 years ago.M tartan

Most people crochet story starts out with a lovely thing like “My mother taught me, my granny showed me how to crochet” etc.  BUT in my case my mother demanded I teach her when she first discovered a tartan rug.  Her words were,

” well now you will have to teach me how to crochet. I’ve seen a blanket I love , come with me and I’ll show you”.

So we traipsed off to this lady’s house to see the blanket. To be  truthful I actually didn’t think the blanket was even crocheted at all. I hadn’t seen anything like it, but I was positive it was NOT crocheted. So I told Mum she had it wrong.  Ok it was me who was Wrong! and you wont hear me say that again in a while.

Since that time my Mother has taught over 100 people how to crochet Tartan Blankets and she doesn’t know what the stitches are called. Yet it works. They are that simple.Murdoch tartan tartan promotion 005

The funny part about this story and the reason I’m telling it now is that the original Tartan rug book may  no longer  be in print. I think I sold the very last one today. The very day that I found the magazine with my tartan on the cover.  So after 23 years and  I don’t know how many reprints, I have had to make it into a downloadable E-Book. This will work for you, you don’t have to pay for postage and you will get it immediately. Just in case your family’s tartan is not in that book I have written another 100 tartans  since.  Your family’s clan may be on my list here on the website.

And if you can keep a secret I may just be doing  a tartan  blanket  sometime soon as a crochet along(CAL).  Shall I let you know when that is happening?

Tartan blankets are interesting enough for an experienced crocheter as you still just want to see what the next colour looks like, but if you are an absolute beginner and never held  a hook in your hand before this is the project for you.

And I still believe that they are the classiest  crocheted Blankets ever!!!

felted dilly bag (3)
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You know the old saying you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone”?

dilly 3



My Faithful Companion project bag, the simple Dilly  Bag, is no more so I am remaking her in some of the same yarns but this time I’m adding Noro Kureyon. She was made in pure hand wash only wool and fulled (felted in the washing machine). This made her sturdy and hardwearing and stretchy when needed. Oh so stretchy!

She had given me over  15 years of continuous use. I’ve been making do with other bags since and every time  I put them down they fall over,  and then the  yarn falls out all over the floor. This never happened before with my  Dilly bag. Everything fitted in as well, and when you went somewhere she  sat there looking lovely and stayed put. She was so pretty you had to smile just looking at her colours. I think the narrow neck held things in place and my Yazzii hook holder & Yazzii utility holder never fell out.

I actually have fitted 3 full 10xball packs each in there so that my  husband would not see what I had bought. Was that wrong?

This time she will have a purple base, so that if the floor is dirty you won’t see it and using  the Noro means that the colours will be even more exotic. I cant wait to see her finished and put her to use. I just hadn’t realised that she  had been so perfect and so functional.

Felted Dilly Bag – Jenny King Designs

french pink (8)
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Sale Sale Sale!!!

I’m just not sure if anyone actually reads what I write so this is a test. I have renamed the Paris Miss top,  as suggested thank you,  to the Hugs and Kisses shrug. If you order the pattern and the yarn to make it before May 21, 2022 as soon as I see the order I will refund the pattern amount!!! I love  people who like 3 exclamation marks.  I hope you do too.

So in fact you will be getting the pattern free and the yarn on sale . Yes it will cost you $24. And it is such a pretty  little design I think. This is limited only for Aussie customers so sorry.

I have been learning how to do Facebook and Instagram but I’m a better crocheter and designer than I am  social media student. When I get better at it I won’t have to try these tests out on you.  I’ll just blast you on there instead.

I’ve had my bout with the virus so I’m not feeling super  chipper yet but I’m getting there. I hope you are all well and this little blog post makes you smile.stonewash yarns (5)



french pink (7) french pink (3)

jacqui halter
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Slow Fashion

I designed this halter top in 1981. 41 years ago. I know because it was my first  year of  teaching  high school  in Moree, NSW. Some other dates in my life are not so  easy to identify.

I don’t have the photo of the models wearing it then, it was before the digital age. I reworked this design for A Summer Collection book published in 1998.summer collection biddy  24 years ago. The model in the 1st  photo here just had her 30th Birthday. Happy Birthday Biddy!

summer collection coversummer collections photo1summer collection photos Her Mum was on the front cover, My Mum was in there too.












summer collection GladThe Summer Collection book  could never have been done without the help of  Diane Bailie. Here are her daugher’s Azticia and Jacinta with my daughter Anthea modelling  in this design from 1998. ( middle photo) Azticia’s back view shows the interesting back and backpack & hat too.

5 years ago Jacqui modelled it in 2017. I remade in my new Stonewash( well it was new then). This design has just been  published in Simply Crochet magazine in 2021.

I think that there will always be pretty  girls wanting to wear something cool in Summer to highlight their lovely figures.   I renamed  this as the Jacqui Halter  now because Jacqui was so kind as to model it for me. Thank you for being  so Gorgeous!

And 40 years later it is an actually pattern you can make yourself. #slow fashion

Too funny right ?40 years really  is Slow Fashion.

Jacqui Halter Top – Jenny King Designs

fringed halter back

biggan 9
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First in , best dressed!

There are really no words needed for this Post. I went to see Biggan at her studio in Brisbane yesterday and we had the time of our lives selecting 10 wonderful  and  unique colour palettes for the Colour Explosion  Jacket workshop to be held next Saturday the 22nd January  at Studio 61 , 61 Clarendon Rd, Perigian Springs, Qld. The second  all day class for this Jacket will be held on the 13th February 2022. If one of these  colour combinations speaks to you then email me immediately so that I can put your name on it . Hit the link below to secure your place.

Colour Explosion Jacket Class and Kit – Jenny King Designs

In this  case it really  will be first in Best Dressed

If you are anything like me you will want to try them all.

I know I Do

1 has a base colour of Grey,

2 has a base colour of Lime,

3 has a base colour of Aubergine,

4 has a base colour of Aqua,

5 has a base colour of Hot Pink,

6  has a base colour of Light Periwinkle,

7  has a base colour of Deep Coral,

8 has a base colour of Red,

9 has a base colour of Aqua,

10 has a base colour of Deep Periwinkle.biggan 1 biggan 2 biggan 3 biggan 4 biggan 5 biggan 6 biggan 8 biggan 7 biggan 10 biggan 9

snuggle wrap noro
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Baby Snuggle wrap re-discovered

snuggle wrap noro backMany years ago I saw a knitted baby wrap in an Ashford magazine. It was perfect for little “wee” babies to keep their arms wrapped up and cozy warm. I used to sell my crocheted version of that pattern in my first yarn store near Buderim at least 12 years ago.

I finally had a chance to see if the design actually worked with our first little grandbaby who was conveniently born before winter this year, and it did. Since  I made the first couple of Snuggle Wraps I had made one in Noro Taiyo. It had been hiding in “THAT PILE” and it was just a waiting for the buttons to be sewn on. You may know “THAT PILE” ;the please finish me and don’t start something new yet, until I’m finished pile.

It is finished now and I went to add the new photos to update the old pattern onto my web site only to realise that the Baby Snuggle Wrap has never been an  online pattern and none of you would have ever seen it.Baby Snuggle Wrap – Jenny King Designs

Our first little darling is too big for this one in Noro now that the buttons are finally on, but there may be more coming later???? Fingers crossed.

So, if you have a little precious due in Winter then you may like to make one for them. Noro – Taiyo yarn – at KnittingFever.com

This discovery does make me wonder how many patterns have been hiding like this one and will reveal themselves to me over time. Perhaps we will discover this together. I promise I’ll show you.

Here is  our first  beautiful grandbaby sound asleep in her Snuggle Wrap. snuggle wrap Emma

biggan jacket kit
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I Can’t Resist Making My Own

biggan 1 biggan 9colour explosion jacket Subrosa123 When I first saw these jackets made in Bosnia and Herzegovina I went bananas. I just love the colour combinations. They made my heart sing. Every single one I saw I wanted. I loved each one more than the last one. Please go buy one from this lady if you love them like I do.  I realised that I wanted a jacket for next winter that is as bright and gorgeous and as bold as these are. It will certainly chase off the winter chills. Being that I live in Tropical Queensland the need for a jacket is not that imperative so I think I just wanted to create in the colours.  Here is the link to purchase a jacket subrosa123 | Etsy

I grabbed out the Biggan 4 ply that I couldn’t resist buying at the conference and I’ve designed 2 squares. One in mesh and one using 8 shades. These are not the same as the ones from Bulgaria but they are bold, colourful, brave and exotic. So, I am over the moon excited. I WILL make a jacket.

To me it was obvious that the yarn needed to do this should be Biggan designs 4 ply. She is the only one that has the colours I crave. And I’ve used her yarn before and it washes and wears like a dream. I just did Lily the Pink in her 4 ply and I was reminded how much of a pleasure it was to have in my hands.

Now if any of you would like to join me, diving head first into colour, I will hold a 2-day workshop at Studio 61 (near Noosa) beginning this month. These will be 2 full day classes 3-4 weeks apart. The kits will be provided and I will visit Biggan next week to pack them for you. Each kit will be unique. No 2 will be the same.

If this sounds like something you can’t possibly resist then please book online. I called it the Colour Explosion Jacket

You will be working small squares and Studio 61 is airconditioned.

jeanette in Noro
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It has been an Aunty Jan type of week. I named this scarf for her.  My Auntly Jan’s real name was Jeanette. She was the one that stockpiled knitted baby jackets and blankets to be given out whenever there was a new bub arriving and I mentioned her in my first post of the year. She was my Dad’s baby sister and had a zest for life, living, laughter and family that was uplifting. I would love a little dose of her right now.

Sorry, now back to my story; I thought I would write an E- book called Necks Generation using the wonderful Noro yarns with scarves, shawls and anything else you could wrap, tie or attach to your neck. And one simple book turned into turned into 36 patterns. So instead of one E-book I ended up doing 6 books with 6 designs in each. Some were old designs that were great. My definition of great is if people commented on them when I wore them, if they immediately wanted the pattern to make one themselves or if they were my first choice when I wanted to feel special. When they become a favourite then they are GREAT.

Also Noro’s colour ways get to me. They talk to me and I love what they have to say.

So, if I may, let me introduce you to Jeanette, in Necks Generation book 5 where I put all the designs that I called Quirky. It is a rectangle that is joined weirdly and is immediately transformed into a statement piece. And I love the colour of it.  It matches my eyes, he he.  Super simple stitching with an 8mm hook  gives instant flair. It uses 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden

P.S. about Aunty Jan

She actually dared to make a Canberra Raiders blanket in opposition to our football team when it was Mum who showed her how to do it. That was more than a bit cheeky we thought! And seemed to throw down the gauntlet.  So, I had to make one for the Broncos team. This  friendly duel initiated the self-publishing my first book The Footy Rug Book (translated as stadium blankets for those of you in USA) which was printed in 1997.

bakers dozen in wren
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Jenny Wren- Get Squared in all its new Glory

While on official Australian Crochet Guild business I saw a yarn so colourful and enticing that I just had to go and get  it. I bought 1  ball  in 6 colours  home with me and laid it on the table.  I was hoping that it would tell me what it wanted to be.

I  just couldn’t wait for it  to talk to me. The vibrancy of the hues were so inviting. I decided that all those colours look great on me so I chose to make it a  Get Squared /Baker’s Dozen sampler top.

I’ve only just worn it once but I felt FABULOUS, and that is every girls’ dream HUH?

I started with the original Get Squared stitch until the first ball ran out.  With each ball I changed  to another stitch from the Bakers Dozen e-book. Not in order as that is not how this brain works. Most  stitches were interchangeable. I used the 6mm (J) hook throughout.

The only problem I had was that the mock moss stitch was a bit firm on the bust, as it is the nature of the stitch, as it is a bit more dense, so I added 4 chains when joining the underarm.

I will post up later the colours I selected.

The Wren is 100% cotton is not  mercerized and has a stringy look.  “Stringy “may not be the best word to describe it. Perhaps natural, organic and  rustic would be better as it is really soft to work with. The yarn is Fiddlesticks Wren 100%cotton with 125m/50gm ball. I used 2 balls of most of the 6 colours as I needed it in Jenny size and long enough to reach my crotch.

I thought I would share my fun incase this makes you feel like experimenting with all the lovely colours in your stash and with both the magic and confidence of the fit that is Get Squared and  then add to that all the possibilities of the Bakers Dozen if you have them both. I had an absolute ball doing this and I hope you will too! If you are in the cold you know you could make it long sleeved in bright winter chasing wool either.

As a youngster I was called JennyWren so this seemed an  appropriate  name for this design. I hope you Love, Love, Love the concept as much as I do.

 Disclaimer : I purchased this yarn at full retail price and all opinions I have for it are my own. I liked it so much I used the last 2 extra balls for a Fairy Floss baby cardigan for  Little baby Emma and I  bought the Cement colour for another Get Squared  cardigan variation for Me. When it is done I’ll show you I promise.