IMG_0232What you probably don’t know about me is that I am a one woman show, but I couldn’t do what I do without the help of my friends. I am a young vibrant 30 year old trapped inside a mature woman’s body. I have a husband of 39 years and 3 wonderful grown up children. One married with a daughter, and one about to be married. We live 2 blocks away from the beach in tropical Queensland, Australia so it is summer nearly all the year around.

I love to crochet, I love to design in crochet and I love to teach crochet. I carry hooks in my wallet and yarn in the boot of my car. I pack 20 projects for a car trip that may only last 3 hours before I ever pack my clothes. I talk about crochet and I even dream of crochet. This obsession began over 50 years ago when I was motivated by fashion but now the crochet bikinis have been replaced with crochet cardigans, crochet dresses and crochet accessories.

This obsession has turned into my profession. I have been published internationally, I teach internationally, have written 20 pattern books and I named Bavarian Crochet and introduced it initially as a video with Annie’s. I am a featured TV presenter and have now revolutionized the world of crochet with my Get Squared® video program and Kid Squared

I want everyone to get the Buzz I do when I am crocheting. I want you to feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from creating, the sense of peace and control over something in your life that comes from crocheting and the ability to open up the brain with the satisfying rhythm of repetitive stitching to improve mindfulness.

I believe that taking time out each day to stitch is therapeutic to both the body and mind and will always keep it young.  In fact, I am positive crochet is the Fountain of Youth.
I would love you to pick up a hook and some yummy yarn and join me to get young, get calm, get creative and get hooked.

Please enjoy your time here and I hope you find something  that delights you.

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