Tartan Blankets Never Die

While tiding up my office I found and old Craft magazine. I was drawn to it because of the bold colours and the flowers on the cover and then I got the giggles. That wasn’t all that was on the cover. On the left hand side was my Crocheted Tartan Rug. I had completely forgotten about it as it was published 20 years ago.M tartan

Most people crochet story starts out with a lovely thing like “My mother taught me, my granny showed me how to crochet” etc.  BUT in my case my mother demanded I teach her when she first discovered a tartan rug.  Her words were,

” well now you will have to teach me how to crochet. I’ve seen a blanket I love , come with me and I’ll show you”.

So we traipsed off to this lady’s house to see the blanket. To be  truthful I actually didn’t think the blanket was even crocheted at all. I hadn’t seen anything like it, but I was positive it was NOT crocheted. So I told Mum she had it wrong.  Ok it was me who was Wrong! and you wont hear me say that again in a while.

Since that time my Mother has taught over 100 people how to crochet Tartan Blankets and she doesn’t know what the stitches are called. Yet it works. They are that simple.Murdoch tartan tartan promotion 005

The funny part about this story and the reason I’m telling it now is that the original Tartan rug book may  no longer  be in print. I think I sold the very last one today. The very day that I found the magazine with my tartan on the cover.  So after 23 years and  I don’t know how many reprints, I have had to make it into a downloadable E-Book. This will work for you, you don’t have to pay for postage and you will get it immediately. Just in case your family’s tartan is not in that book I have written another 100 tartans  since.  Your family’s clan may be on my list here on the website.

And if you can keep a secret I may just be doing  a tartan  blanket  sometime soon as a crochet along(CAL).  Shall I let you know when that is happening?

Tartan blankets are interesting enough for an experienced crocheter as you still just want to see what the next colour looks like, but if you are an absolute beginner and never held  a hook in your hand before this is the project for you.

And I still believe that they are the classiest  crocheted Blankets ever!!!