Who thinks that crocheting a Waratah is a good idea?

After seeing a couple of crocheted flower books being promoted on the web I realised that there are probably many of you who don’t know that I dedicated myself to crocheting botanically correct flowers 20 years ago including some amazingly beautiful Australian natives, published in 2003.waratah and the book

After 25 attempts to get it right and the lounge room covered in bits of red and maroon wool crocheted into spikes, the Waratah was born,  the Gum nut took 7 attempts, and the pansy took 2 years of attempts to get it looking like the  pansies that actually grew in my garden. With 3  gardening reference books later and I had self published a flower book. Published with both British and  USA terms, international symbols all hand drawn initially.

Crocheted flowers can be put on anything.

My friend Geraldine puts a fuchsia on the corners of her shawls to decorate them and they certainly get some attention.

 WARNING these are addictive!

Authentic native Australian  flowers to crochet. They  can be made to scale or made to order.

Or make  some gardener’s favourites like  Fuchsia , Daisy, Gerbera or a Pansy.

Or what about a  Daffodil?

You will want to make them all.

Fuchsia 1