biggan 9
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First in , best dressed!

There are really no words needed for this Post. I went to see Biggan at her studio in Brisbane yesterday and we had the time of our lives selecting 10 wonderful  and  unique colour palettes for the Colour Explosion  Jacket workshop to be held next Saturday the 22nd January  at Studio 61 , 61 Clarendon Rd, Perigian Springs, Qld. The second  all day class for this Jacket will be held on the 13th February 2022. If one of these  colour combinations speaks to you then email me immediately so that I can put your name on it . Hit the link below to secure your place.

Colour Explosion Jacket Class and Kit – Jenny King Designs

In this  case it really  will be first in Best Dressed

If you are anything like me you will want to try them all.

I know I Do

1 has a base colour of Grey,

2 has a base colour of Lime,

3 has a base colour of Aubergine,

4 has a base colour of Aqua,

5 has a base colour of Hot Pink,

6  has a base colour of Light Periwinkle,

7  has a base colour of Deep Coral,

8 has a base colour of Red,

9 has a base colour of Aqua,

10 has a base colour of Deep Periwinkle.biggan 1 biggan 2 biggan 3 biggan 4 biggan 5 biggan 6 biggan 8 biggan 7 biggan 10 biggan 9

jeanette in Noro
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It has been an Aunty Jan type of week. I named this scarf for her.  My Auntly Jan’s real name was Jeanette. She was the one that stockpiled knitted baby jackets and blankets to be given out whenever there was a new bub arriving and I mentioned her in my first post of the year. She was my Dad’s baby sister and had a zest for life, living, laughter and family that was uplifting. I would love a little dose of her right now.

Sorry, now back to my story; I thought I would write an E- book called Necks Generation using the wonderful Noro yarns with scarves, shawls and anything else you could wrap, tie or attach to your neck. And one simple book turned into turned into 36 patterns. So instead of one E-book I ended up doing 6 books with 6 designs in each. Some were old designs that were great. My definition of great is if people commented on them when I wore them, if they immediately wanted the pattern to make one themselves or if they were my first choice when I wanted to feel special. When they become a favourite then they are GREAT.

Also Noro’s colour ways get to me. They talk to me and I love what they have to say.

So, if I may, let me introduce you to Jeanette, in Necks Generation book 5 where I put all the designs that I called Quirky. It is a rectangle that is joined weirdly and is immediately transformed into a statement piece. And I love the colour of it.  It matches my eyes, he he.  Super simple stitching with an 8mm hook  gives instant flair. It uses 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden

P.S. about Aunty Jan

She actually dared to make a Canberra Raiders blanket in opposition to our football team when it was Mum who showed her how to do it. That was more than a bit cheeky we thought! And seemed to throw down the gauntlet.  So, I had to make one for the Broncos team. This  friendly duel initiated the self-publishing my first book The Footy Rug Book (translated as stadium blankets for those of you in USA) which was printed in 1997.

lily front
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Lily the Pink

Do you remember that old song” Lily the Pink, the Pink, the pink” she invented a drink.  This  drink was some amazing compound that made everything better, Or am I showing my age?( the song can be found on  hey Google called Lily the Pink from 1998. Just listening it to will make you smile)

Well I think I discovered what  that amazing compound is for me. lily colour

For me it is Colour !  I realised that  it actually makes my heart sing. And there is evidence that working in bright colours actually lifts your spirits. So I’m introducing you to my Lily the Pink class. Lily will be available in other colours, she will be available in Noro, she will be avaible in Cotton or Wool and kits can be dropped shipped to you in Australia, USA and Canada with the help of some of my friends in the industry.

If you need chase some shadows  away the you can join me in  a series of 5 classes online  via zoom to make a Lily of your choice.

Lily’s sizing is up to 3XL too.

I’m setting up my studio so please check back in August for class times. You wont need to travel but we can get together and hang out. 5 classes for $50 plus kit.lily tiger