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Some of my Favourite designers

I am running a competition about your favourite designs, and I tried to entice you to share them by offering you FREE yarn! It occurred to me that perhaps I should lead the way and share some of my favourite designers and their designs. Funny, most of them are knitted.  Please remember that I don’t knit but I have tried to emulate many of their designs and translate their sense of style into crochet patterns so that we crocheters would not feel left out. Some of these designs I’ve been able to secure the permission of the knit designers to try my hand at the crochet version, and some I have finished and some are in progress. And if ever there is a 10-day week I may get them all done. So here are some of my favourites. and I’m still want to know yours so please share them with me by posting to my

Remmeber I still want to know yours so please share them with me by posting to my Jenny King Designs Facebook page. Remember, I have $100 worth of the yarn of your choice from my new range to yarn to give away here!

Click on the links below to view:

L’Enveloppe by Sally Melville –

I’m working on the crochet version of that as we speak with Sally’s kind permission.

NET by Vivian Høxbro –

I worked the crochet version and called it the Vivian. We’ve met and she approved it and my version is pictured above. I had to travel to Denmark to visit with her. What a treat! We will post the pattern soon!

Sonoma Stole by Carol Sunday –

Clair de Lune –

Carol Sunday gave me permission to recreate the Clair de Lune. I think it is wonderful. It is nearly done but I still have to write the pattern.  That will take yet another day in the week just for pattern writing. This yarn is amazing!

Asymmetrical designs By Maggie Jackson –

Maggie Jackson does asymmetrical brilliantly. I bought a kit from Maggie when I was in USA to crochet  something inspired by this, but it is still in my stash.   Her linen is wonderful.

DACAPO by Hanne Falkenberg –

Hanne Falkenberg is another Danish designer who does great stuff. You could get lost scrolling through her designs. She is so inspiring.

Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann –

I did the crochet version and have referenced the wonderful Elizabeth Zimmerman in my pattern.


Enjoy your browsing and Happy Hooking!


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