Katies Baby Blanket

Sometimes the new young Mums don’t like crochet things, or so I thought.

My Niece Katie is expecting a baby in 6 weeks, so I thought I’d ask if she wanted something crocheted. It’s a random thought as sometimes the new young Mums don’t like crochet things or so I thought. But 2 days before  asked I  her I noticed a young Mum who was camping close by who had a  a crocheted blanket on her 6 month old boy. When I asked her if she liked it she said she loved the fact that crochet is so breathable with its holes she was reassured that it if ended up covering her little boys face during the night he would be able to breathe. That is not something I would have thought of as a positive for a crocheted blanket. I love crochet in all its forms. The slow fashion aspect, the love in every stitch and having something made by my hands would have been on the top of the list though. But never the safety angle.  I don’t have time to make a blanket before Katie’s baby arrives as I’m designing things for the CGOA conference in USA , making samples for classes that I’m teaching,  and I’m emceeing for the opening Mardi Gras night so I have to make something in Purple green and gold to wear, and  I need to finish that thing I promised I’d make for Scheepjes yarns as I’m meeting up with them at the conference too.   So for now I’ll look at ideas that she has sent me, gather the yarn supplies and pick a design that is a TV watching project so that once the conference is over and I’m sitting on the plane back home  I can start. She wants a bright coloured blanket and her favourite colour is yellow, which is great as we don’t know whether she is having a boy or girl. What fun to go searching for ideas and choose the colours. So far she likes the idea of a chevron, otherwise known as a ripple blanket. And a bobble one or a checked one. She has been on Instagram I think so I’ll go and check this out. Apparently crocheted blankets are really trending. Yeah! Doing a happy dance. I’m off to explore more ideasrainbow rug in biggan