JKD yarn has got to go!!!!!!

I’ve always wanted to say STOCKTAKE SALE. I know ,weird huh? Now here is my chance. amy

What is happening in our house is that yarn has taken over my daughter’s bedroom, Anthea’s room, as it used to be known  is now called the YARN room.

lenvelopeNothing wrong with that I hear you say.






My problem is that the longer I keep the yarn the more attached I am getting to it and I had it made especially  to sell it, apparently. origami cardiganin stonewash (5)

And I  also promised her that I would have the yarn  gone before she needed it again.

And that hasn’t happened. So the yarn HAS TO GO. collette (1)







So  how  this will work?

The deal is two for one. So for every ball of  JKD yarn you order from me for this month only, yes before June ends, or until stock runs out, you will get one exactly the same free.

This is for Fantasy, Embellish and Stonewash. You order 1 and I will send you 2 for the same price, if you order 4, I will send you 8. You get the picture.

My mother always said first in best dressed and this time she is right. mrs vesitile (3) I have made lots and lots of lovely wearables in my yarns.dove cardigan (7)








I have tons of patterns here  online.

If you go to the  search button on the home page and  type in Embellish  all the patterns using Embellish will come up. It is the  same for the other 2 yarns.sallys best (3)

Anyway all  these yarns will work with any 8 ply pattern.

The only drawback in all this is for overseas customers. Shipping is the killer so the deal is great but up to 500gms(10 balls) prime yarn will cost $20 shipping. The only good news for this is that it is in Aussie$$$$$









So rip that band aid off quickly please and help me get the yarn GONE.french pink (1)