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Valentines Day

2013’s Valentines Day was an unexpected treat for us and although we have not given you much time we want you to share the fun this year.

We had no idea how much simple pleasure we gave our friends until it was over.

We decided to make heart wire earrings and send them anonymously to friends and relations all over the country. Anyone we thought needed some fun in their lives. They only took half an hour to do.

We never knew that it took so little to make so many people feel special. It was like a gift to us.

You have probably heard of RAKing “Random Acts of Kindness”. We had done that. The best story of all was from my sister in law, that story is below.

So just grab yourself some cardboard cut into a heart shape, some 26 gauge wire as it is easy to crochet and it is the one that comes in all the great colours, And any colour is great, beads and earring hooks. You will need an old crochet hook, about a 4 mm (F) or larger. Now you have a little less than 2 weeks to add light and cheer to every lady you know.

Let’s light up some ladies lives! Anonymously

What you will need

26 gauge wire

50 x size 6 beads (25 per earring) thread these onto the wire first

4 mm (F Hook)

Earring hooks

Wire cutters or the kitchen scissors Use your old hook for this as the wire may scratch it. And you don’t want this happening to the GOOD hook

Push up 1 bead before making each stitch including the chains except for the very first ch

How to make them

Leaving a 10 cm tail, make 5 ch, into the very first ch made work the following stitches:

British Terms
3 dtr, 3 tr,1 ch, 1 dtr, 1 ch sl st into the top of the dtr (to form the point) 1 ch, 3 tr, 3 dtr and 4 ch. Join this into the same st (the very first one worked with a sl st) . End off. Cut the wire 10 cm longer than the heart.
USA terms

3 tr, 3 dc,1 ch, 1 tr, 1 ch, sl st into the top of the tr (to form the point) 1 ch, 3 dc, 3 tr and 4 ch. Join this into the same st (the very first one worked with a sl st). End off. Cut the wire 10 cm longer than the heart.
Gently twist the end strand and the beginning strand of wire together and then feed them through the hole in the earring clasp. Now twist these onto the other side until it feels secure (not so much that it breaks). Fasten off each wire separately by feeding it through the work one way and then back on itself. Cut close to the work.


  • Ch = chain,
  • Sl st = slip stitch,
  • Dc = Double crochet (single crochet in USA terms),
  • Htr= Half treble (half double in USA terms),
  • Tr = Treble (called double crochet in USA terms),
    Dtr = Double treble (called treble in USA terms)

We put the earring on to a card with 2 tiny holes in it for the earrings to go through. Please make sure it will fit in an envelope. We had them just set out on desks for when people came into work, no note, just the earrings and the recipient’s name on the back
You can do it. It will make you smile!

The best story of all was when my sister in law Tracey (Valentine’s day is also her birthday) had an envelope dropped at her door on Valentine’s day eve. Her secret delivery person here was my sister Jo. Tracey, school principal, wore her earrings to school and whenever a student or teacher commented she told them how they had been anonymously left on her doorstep. She didn’t recognise the handwriting and had no idea who they were from, but she loved them all the more for that. She wore them all day not knowing who gave them to her. The year 6 girls thought that was just wonderful.
Our job there was done.

If you only get one pair made before Valentine’s day then that is one lady who knows she is loved, and don’t forget some for you, you deserve it