Crochet, Kids Squared

Simple Satisfaction

Little baby Emma needed a jacket in a hurry and  the first design that came into my head was “Fairy Floss”  from the Kids squared range from 2017. Fairy floss or cotton candy for those of you in USA is the junior version of a Get Squared garment. I got the  pattern out  to begin and I wished that I had Symbols to save me reading the words.I hate reading crochet patterns, even the ones I have written. So today I grabbed out Jasmin Jones “Crochet Cypher” and started to draw them. Now Lily Chin, and I’m names dropping here, told me that I could do this on the computer and  she is right, but please  don’t tell her I said so . For  me it was quicker to use the Cypher. So today I took out my trusty, well brand new pens that I bought  on New Years Eve , ready to start the new year drawing symbols. I did my first attempt  in the hope that next time I follow this pattern I will be able to SEE what I’m doing instead of Reading what I am supposed to do.It is not perfect, but it is pretty. I used  lots of colours.

The Fairy Floss cardigan can be made with 1 ball of Scheepjes Organicon for a 12 month old.  This ticks all the new Mum boxes; soft , natural, organic and ever so cute.

For me it is going to be my no brainer & perfect  carry along project because it fits  neatly in my handbag and I can get it done in no time.  Sometimes I just need to feel the satisfaction and sense of control I get with rhythmic crochet that is not too boring and not too overwhelming. and the quick results are wonderful.  I think I will stockpile these like my Aunty Jan did for whenever a baby gift is needed.

I wonder will this make me a fairy floss machine?