Charles NG2 (6) low res
Charles NG2 (6) low resBernie NG2 (7) low resRaymond NG2 (3) low resOliver NG2 (10) low resharry2 (2)oliver NG2 (3) low resHarry or Haydee NG2 (5) low resCharlesNicola or Nicholas NG2 (1)Bernie NG2 (3) low resRaymond NG2 (1) low resIMG_0342Harry or Haydee NG2 (2) low resNicholas Ng2 (1) Low resCharles NG (1) low rescharles1Basketweaveharry1IMG_0227IMG_0304IMG_0307IMG_0226IMG_0309IMG_0340IMG_0281IMG_0280

Necks Generation Book 2 Guys and Girls


6 great unisex designs that work out to be just $1.65 Aussie each

Charles or Charlene unique style, simple stitching

Nicola or Nicholas beginner super simple

Oliver or Olivia basket weave sensation

Bernie  or Bernadette versatile double scarf

Harry or Haydee bikers cowl extra layer

Rae or Raymond  oversized pocket scarf


Sometimes it is hard to get a practical and interesting masculine design for a scarf. What about these? And they are not limited to the Guys.

Noro yarns were designed and  made to mimic the natural colours of the landscape. They have been photographed  here  in the  Australian countryside and you will see that they do indeed mimic nature.

Written in British terms and USA terms. Just print the one you want!