Jane’s Felted Hat


A purple version of this  hat was made for Jane. Her sister told me she loved it before  she passed away. And loved that someone took the time to do it for her when she was so sick.  If you are clever enough to be able to  crochet make one for someone today. Give it to the cancer council  and they will find it  good home

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Designed for you to share by Jenny King. “I designed this hat pattern to be shared by you and your friends. If you have been given a copy of this pattern please also share your skills by making one extra hat to donate to the Cancer Council, if at all possible” This hat is made super large in PURE WOOL. Place it in a lingerie bag (so that excess fibres don’t clog the machine) and put it in the washing machine for 20 minutes (maybe more). Use the hottest wash cycle and lowest water level. Add washing powder. The warmth, soap and agitation will felt the wool and make it shrink to size. It is a good idea to check it after 15 minutes. Rinse in cold water and roll up in a towel to remove excess moisture. Shape as desired on a hat block or any container that resembles a head.

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