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Pansy Tea Cosy


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This is the perfect quick gift for any dear friend. These gorgeous pansies will put a smile on any face while still keeping the tea hot. Step by step instructions with lots of lovely illustrations will walk you gently through this process. You will be surprised just how easy it is compared to how it looks.MATERIALS:2 ball Biggan Designs 8 ply Black, 105m/50gm ball for the cosy & 1 ball of each of the following colours #290 Bright Orange, #390Yellow, #855 Aubergine, #080 White, #830 Jacaranda, #390 Citrine. For the cosy use 5.5mm(I) hook and flowers use 4mm(F) Tea cosies must be made in machine wash wool. Acrylic will melt with the heat of the Tea. SIZE The pot illustrated stands 15cm (6”) tall and is 46cm (18”)in circumference

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