Delma NG4 (4) low res
Delma NG4 (4) low resCara NG4 (2) low resCara NG4 (5) low resAlicia NG4 (2) low resAlicia NG4 (1) Low resVerity NG4 (1) low resVerity NG4 (2) low resLeila NG4 (2)low resEliza NG4 (7) low resEliza NG4 (2) low resEliza NG4 (1) low resEliza NG4 low resDelma NG4 (1) low resDelma NG4 (2) Low resdelma 3Delma2delma1Leila2Leila1Leila NG4 (1) low resEliza1

Necks Generation Book 4 Capelets


Capelets for everyone! Some will only take a night to make

Alicia quick, chunky and cozy

Cara unique shaping , cape or cowl or hood

Verity  16mm hook for quick results

Leila cascading mitres for dramatic effect

 Eliza  simple stitching  yet 2 yarns are so different

Delma  what fun with bobbles added



Capelets are those tubular shoulder covers that make us feel cosy and add pizzazz to any outfit.

Noro yarns were designed and  made to mimic the natural colours of the landscape. They have been photographed  here  in the  Australian countryside and you will see that they do indeed mimic nature.

Written in British terms and USA terms. Just print the one you want!