Alana NG6 (3) low res
Alana NG6 (3) low resCandice and Oliver NG (3)Odette NG6 (3) low resBella NG6 (12) low resBarbara NG6 (2) low resMarcy NG6 (3) low resmarcy 22Candice NG6 (1) low rescandice3Marcy NG6 (6) low rescandice2Alana NG6 low resMarcy NG6 (5) low resBella NG6 (14) low resbella1Odette NG6 (2) low resCandice1marcy 23

Necks Generation Book 6 Scarves


Alana oversize shelled texture

Odette 12mm hook for a cowl/scarf

Barbara Bobble scarf magic

Bella  super simple stitching for maximum impact

Candice   denim for in between seasons

Marcy mitres miters everywhere. A statement piece



Noro yarns were designed and  made to mimic the natural colours of the landscape.

They have been photographed  here  in the   wonderful Australian countryside and you will see that they do indeed mimic nature.

Written in British terms and USA terms. Just print the one you want!