Lizzie and Jasper


Jasper is just back from surfing and Lizzie has popped on her favourite crochet dress and grabbed her bag because they are off to a barbecue at the beach. What fun!

Both dolls are crocheted in pure wool and tossed in the washing machine to mesh the wool fibres.

Kits available on request.


Lizzie and Jasper are 2 of Jenny’s Natures Doll Collection. All have dread locks, a little attitude and they come in all shades.  They are crochet first in Pure wool then  they are shrunk in the washing machine( called Fulling) They are stitched in simple trebles(double crochet in USA terms) in one piece from top to bottom.  Make these little people for the little people  in your lives.

Kits are available if you can’t find felting wool in your area. Kit cost $45-$65 depending on your doll of choice. ask Jenny for a price