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Streamer Kit


These streamer kits were originally designed to help carers to teach crochet and connect in a personal, non-threating way for children in Out-of-Home care. These streamers can then be taken with the child to decorate and personalize any new “home”.

Lesson 1, Chain Stitch – Learn to Crochet with Jenny King. – Bing video


Get a kit and share the craft today.

or just make lots of streamers into a curtain for fun and whimsy.



A ball of yarn and a hook are so very portable so crochet is an easy craft to take from place to place and help you relax and keep out bad thoughts.  These streamers are a way to use the Power of colour to energise a space

and just put a delightful smile on persons face.

The kit includes enough yarn to make many streamers.

Enough felt balls to make one long streamer and full instructions as how to do it.