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Kids Squared – Online Tutorial


 Slow fashion, show them how with Kid’s Squared.

Kid Squared is so simple that  children can actually make their own garments once they learn how to wield a hook. Why  don’t you start them off on their crochet journey today and see them blossom.

They can use any yarn, and it is fast, for slow fashion.


Did you learn to crochet with a granny square? Why not share that skill and take “the granny” one step further. Help them make their own clothes

Experience the next evolution of Jenny’s Get Squared crochet technique – Kids Squared.
Using the same ingenious technique, Kids Squared includes video tuition as well as 21 pattern shortcuts which can be made to fit children, from babies through to pre-teens. They will fit first time, every time, with no complicated calculations, measuring or sewing seams!

Using the good old “granny square” stitch, you will be amazed at the huge array of garments you can make, with all of them fitting perfectly!

You will learn how to make a jumper/sweater, cardigan, cardigan with extended fronts, v-neck cardigan and sweater, a shrug and a swirl jacket. Throughout the tutorial, Jenny will be right there with you, showing you  how to do every step.  In addition to these design staples, you will also receive downloadable pattern shortcuts to make all the designs. Jenny also demonstrates making pockets, hoods, collars, frills, two wonderful edges and chain seaming.


GIVING Kids Squared as a gift – if you are giving Kids Squared as a gift, please register the gift recipient’s email address – they will immediately receive an email so if you prefer to keep it a surprise you might want to give a Gift Voucher instead.

Thanks go to Scheepjes for all their wonderful yarns featured in the video and patterns.

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