EWOImages 2016 Template
EWOImages 2016 TemplateEWOImages 2016 TemplateEWOImages 2016 TemplateEWOImages 2016 Templatesquare with flare in Whirl (1)square with flare in Whirl (4)square with flare in Whirl (2)IMG_1075IMG_1076IMG_1077

Square with Flair


Make the shrug as in the video and then add the corners to the outside.  You will look as wonderful leaving the room as you did entering it with this huge collar and tassel.   Use Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette for spectacular results


Use any yarn of your choice as you always can for Get Squared but for absolute luxury select the silk and wool blend Pinwheel. This is a lace weight yarn which will keep you cosy and warm. 200 metres was used for the medium size.


or use 1 cake Scheepjes Whirl for the shorter version using 5mm (H)hook