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Wagon Wheels Blanket Kit


Dramatically reduced for one month only and there are only 6 left

6 balls of Noro Lite, 4 balls  JKD Stonewash and you are ready to go. The pattern will be emailed to you .   The circles are fun to do and perfect to carry along with you. You will have the whipped up in no time.  They are simple and you wont want to stop.  just choose your background colour and pop it in the comments.

5 in stock

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Combine the luxury and colour of Noro Silk Garden Lite with the cotton in JKD Stonewash in Twilight, Shimmer,Intense Gum or Jacobean and you have the perfect lacy blanket. This stylish afghan could be made for the summer months  as a lighter cover up, and it is perfect for the Caravan.

Kit includes 6 balls Noro Silk Garden Lite usually $15.50  per ball=93.00

plus 4 balls JKD Stonewash=$44.00

So you get a saving of $38 but only for a month

There are only 6 kits available