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Vested Interest


This wonderful waterfall vest can be left  open and flowing or overlap the  2 fronts can  to ward off the cold. The back fits neatly so it is cosy around your ribs and the collar is snug around your neck

Make one today in Noro Silk Garden sock yarn  for extra WOW! as  seen in the samples.

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This cosy vest can be worn in many stylish ways; loose and flowing, Asian styled or pulled to one side to make it asymmetrical. It is made in 3 simple pieces with a fitted back which ensures a great fit.

The collar is added at the end and that is relaxing crochet. It is guaranteed to keep you both warm and glamorous when the weather gets cool.

MATERIALS: 4 balls Noro Silk Garden sock  4.5mm/ G hook for the garment and armhole edge, 8mm/L hook for the collar only.


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