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“Sunshine” Coasters


These are  great “silly season” gift idea. Usually  you put your wine glass on a coaster but these slip onto the bottom of the glass and stay there until you remove an reuse  them.  Buy a kit and  make them for all your friends, children’s teachers or  workmates. These will make the gift of a bottle of wine more personal and fun. They take only about 20 minutes to make each one. No more drips this Summer


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Save $10.  This design was originally requested by Kerryn for our hot tropical climate of the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia where chilled wine causes the glasses to almost instantaneously condense and drip.  Not only do these coasters stay on the glass and protect you from drips &  all surfaces,  they help identify your glass   at a gathering.

The kit includes the pattern and 1 ball of each of the  6 colours of  JKD Embellish dramatically reduced as my gift for you and your friends  to celebrate the summer of 2017.