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This yarn is for everyday casual garments as it is ideal to wear with your denims and has a similar earthy appeal.

 This #3 weight yarn with 280m/100gm ball

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Stonewash comes in large 100gm balls containing 280 metres. This 60%cotton/40% acrylic blend yarn is so incredibly soft it is perfect for babies’ wear. It is also wonderful for all your home ware needs because cotton is 30% stronger when wet so it washes brilliantly.

With its “chainette” construction there is no need to worry about the Z or S twist. It is great for both Left and Right handers. And it won’t SPLIT

There are 5 great neutrals:

Jacobean (coffee brown), Twilight (Charcoal), Shimmer (Light Grey), Rose Quartz (French pink) & Intense Gum (Bottle Green).

 and one bright Aqua!


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Jacobean, Rose Quartz, Shimmer, Twilight, Jacuzzi, Intense Gum