light layers Vest (1)
light layers Vest (1)light layers Vest (2)light layers Vest (3)light layers Vest (4)noro SG sockGeishi blueGeishi autumnlina

Light Layers Vest


3 balls Noro sock yarn gives you a fabulous layering piece

or 2 balls Geishi would work either

Corner to Corner shell done in rows. or sometimes this is called Drunken Granny stitch

Fast ,Easy and Fun

Wardrobe Essential OR make it in Lino for Summer


 Do you just need an extra layer?

Waterfall style vests have long flowing fronts  that are both slimming and elegant.  When made in Noro  the stripes form vertically. This is the perfect layering piece done in the fastest shell stitch with a large hook for this yarn.

Overlap the fronts and pin with a clasp for a totally different look