P5060559generic tartan

Hamilton Hunting Tartan


If your last name is Hamilton then here is the Tartan pattern for your clan written  for you by Jenny herself.  There is the Hamilton Hunting tartan and also the Hamilton.

What a great gift for the men in the family who thought they had everything.

Tartans are the classiest crochet blankets.


Simple lattice is transformed by weaving chains through it to get a wonderful Plaid blanket. This is a beginner project that looks like you are a pro.

For USA:  you will need approximately 12 balls worsted weight acrylic and a H  hook

For Australia:  you will need approximately 12 balls 8 ply acrylic and a 4mm hook This is a single downloadable pattern ready for you to just print off or store on your device until you need it.

Make it with acrylic yarn to be sturdy, hard wearing and vegan.