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Colour Explosion Jacket Class and Kit


Make a Jacket with Jenny! This is a real life class.

TWO full days of  personalized attention as the class is capped at 10 students in an exclusive Studio Near Noosa. Please see the  “First in, best dressed” blog to select your colour kit.

Make a  jacket masterpiece in pure wool  while sitting in air conditioned luxury. Get inspired with  Jenny

Class 1 is Saturday the 22nd January, 2022

Class 2 is Saturday 13th February 2022


Learn Jenny’s simple assembly technique and  brand new squares. Boldly step into the word of colour for garments.

This jacket is guaranteed to make you happy as you work it and when you wear it.

Class cost is 2 days in Studio 61, Perigian Beach and the kit is included. Bring your own hooks; 3,4,5mm, scissors, stitch markers and a needle to end off the tails.

Class time 9am -4 pm

Kit valued at over $110 Biggan designs pure  wool in colours that have been hand chosen specifically for this jacket.

2 days tuition

Please bring a Jumper  that fits you  as your template